Degree show body of work, collection’s statment:

“The Valley” collection is the result of a deeper look into the rural way of life. A series of pieces that represent, in the form of allegories, the work and relations among the inhabitants of a region, the Douro Valley, in the northern Portugal. A journey to the region in the summer of 2011 fascinated and later inspired the work. The beauty of the Valley ignited by the river and its boat, the steeped mountains and its wine, the people and their villages, acted like a calling into a place where sense of belonging still exists. “It’s a wine made from the wonderful and tragic that life itself offers. Distilled in collective anguish… “ ”It’s a wine filtered in sacrifice, songs and desires, which descends the river, carried by the rabelos, in the last goodbye of a promise that barely stay in the eyes.” Alves Redol